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1. Fair and Responsible use

The Smartphone application is provided by Spice World Restaurant for personal use by you, and may not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Users are required to keep their contact details up to date.
  • Users must keep their login and password details confidential.
  • Users agree not to interfere or tamper with the Spice World Restaurant application or its related internet sites.

2. Right of refusal

Conditions of the offer are provided by the named business on the phone application. The named business is able to vary its offer and ultimately has the final right of refusal on the provision of the specified reward. Spice World Restaurant reserves the right to modify or alter the terms and conditions of its loyalty reward program at any time.

3. Information about you

You consent to us using the application to collect information about you. In its most basic form, we require your name and a current email address to activate an account with Spice World Restaurant. Any additional personal information you provide to us will be used for the purposes of providing you with relevant discounts and offers for goods and services or relevant information regarding the Spice World Restaurant Loyalty service.

We will not sell or pass on your personal information to a third party other than merchants, businesses, and Spice World Oban Indian Restaurant partners.